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  Peter de Jong
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For various Dutch-language aviation magazines I have edited dozens of articles, and written some forty myself.
I served as the chief editor of the Dutch aviaton monthly,

Fokker D.21
Fokker's last single-engined fighter

Fokker D.21 - Fokkers laatste
                    eenmotorige jager
  I'm also experienced
in televison subtitling
as an editor with Dutch public television.

  The World War II era Fokker D.21 - or D.XXI - fighter aircraft is the subject of my book, first published in French by Lela Presse. An extended and competely revised Dutch edition appeared in 2012.

The most historically significant Dutch aircraft of World War II, the D.21 was not without its limitations and shortcomings; yet to three minor nations - Holland, Denmark, and Finland - it was the closest thing to the Spitfire when the war machines of Hitler and Stalin assaulted them in 1939-1940.

Lavishly illustrated with the best photography and artwork available, the new book features informative captions and a summary in English, and is available from the publisher.

€ 37,95

Fokker D.XXI Aces of World War 2, an English-language book written
by Kari Stenman and myself, was published by Osprey in the UK.